Music from the Soundtrack

This amazingly diverse motion picture soundtrack from “Hearing is Believing”, Lorenzo DeStefano’s award-winning 2017 feature documentary, features the astonishing talents of the young American musician and composer, Rachel Flowers.

Blind since birth, Rachel’s ears are her eyes for the world. Her photographic memory and perfect pitch combine to make her an exceptional musical force. She truly has no boundaries to constrain her creativity, navigates freely through any style with a maturity and brilliant musicality well beyond her years.

The 14 tracks range from a powerfully relevant cover of Bruce Hornsby’s iconic “The Way It Is”, to the jazz classic “Body & Soul” with Grammy-winning trumpet great Arturo Sandoval. Her improvisational abilities and idiosyncratic tendencies as a guitarist are featured on a stunning collaboration with Grammy-winner Dweezil Zappa on Frank Zappa’s “Montana”. Rachel’s collaboration with fifty members of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony on her original composition, “At The End of the Day”, redefines the concept of film and orchestral music. Her stunning display of virtuosity on composer Gary Schocker’s extremely challenging “Ambidextranata” for piano & flute is unforgettable.

These and other classical, jazz fusion and orchestral tracks capture Rachel’s uncanny ability to express herself in seemingly unlimited musical mediums. In the same way that a puppy might bolt through an open gate to run full speed into a grassy field, Rachel unleashes her musical prowess on this album with joyful abandon.

In a world exploding with new music, Rachel Flowers deserves to be discovered by a wider audience. This soundtrack provides listeners with that unique and timeless opportunity to celebrate a truly unique and compelling new talent.

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