Audience Comments



“Lorenzo DeStefano’s documentary on the remarkable talents of Rachel Flowers is a must-see experience. Blind at birth, Rachel takes us on a musical journey of her everyday life. Watching this movie I laughed and cried and began to totally fall in love with her and her amazing gifts.

”Very best, Malcolm McDowell”


“Hearing is Believing is a masterfully directed film about a phenomenally gifted musical genius, Miss Rachel Flowers. You must see and, yes, hear her for yourself. You’ll be inspired..”

“We had a great time at the San Francisco screening of the documentary Hearing is Believing today. It’s a highly-personal and intimate look at Rachel’s unique and inspiring journey that’s seen her touch the lives of so many listeners and musicians worldwide.  It’s also a lovely chronicle of the mother-daughter bond between Rachel and her mom Jeanie Flowers. In addition, you’ll see STEVIE WONDER, KEITH EMERSON, TERJE MIKKELSEN, DWEEZIL ZAPPA, TAYLOR EIGSTI, & ARTURO SANDOVAL singing her praises and sometimes collaborating with her. This documentary is the real deal. There’s no Hollywood gloss, artificial narrative arcs or anything like that here. Just an honest perspective on a wonderful, emerging talent you should keep your eyes on. The film is doing the indie theater rounds now and a Blu-Ray release is forthcoming.” – Anil Prasad

“What a great movie! So totally enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing with all of us.” “Mesmerizing!!!”

“Magical, transformative, truly beautiful. Amazing Rachel. The world needs to hear her.”

“Thank you for the healing.”

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! A work of art. What an important movie to make right now.”


“Wow! I was blown away, as were so many others in the theatre.  Rachel is really a treasure, and you are making sure people know it.”


“Amidst all of the political diarrhea and hatred I am bombarded with on a daily basis there is this. An oasis of joy.”

“The true reason to live is to embrace beauty such as this. Thank you Rachel for your wonderful talent.”

“She’s extraordinary!”

“Absolutely astounding!”

“Thank you young Lady for the hug and your music. I now have your cd for my collection and I just downloaded it from iTunes”

“We loved the film and we love you!”

“Leaves the viewer with a new perspective on what’s achievable and possible. This is a must-see film of inspiration, family and musicianship.”

“Rachel Flowers is an inspiration and a role model. The filmmaker has captured an insightful and compelling story of overwhelming challenges and conveyed a heartwarming and moving profile of this remarkable talent.”

“Lorenzo DeStefano once again delivers an enormous cinematic effort on par with his epic 2007 music feature, ‘Los Zafiros: Music from the Edge of Time’.”

“The camaraderie exhibited by Dweezil Zappa and his group, as well as Stevie Wonder, is a testament to Rachel Flowers’ captivating persona and talents.”

“Hearing is Believing” is a compelling story of this brilliant and multi-talented young woman.”

Many levels of profundity here.” – Avi Jaman

Amazing music. She is incredible” – Boris Urbánek

Just phenomenal.” – Jan Evans

I’m so happy to have experienced this treasure.” – Mitch Chmara

Inspiringis an exhausted word, but after I finished watching the stunning story and sounds of Hearing Is Believing, the new nonfiction feature from award-winning producer/director Lorenzo DeStefano, I couldn’t think of a more apt description.” – Verily Magazine/Maria Walley